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Before we explain the courses, try solving these…

4319.763 + 2863.29 – 2617.2987 + 257.013 = ?
53896 x 47329 = ?
368231 ÷ 421 = ?

Did you pick up a pen-paper or use a calculator?

Now, if you were told that these have to be solved without using any external aid, you would probably laugh and shun the effort or take a long time to solve.
Can you imagine an eight year old child, solving these without any external aid in less than 30 seconds?
Yes, this is the power that a child obtains when he/she pursues our courses.
Not only this, our courses lead to his/her Total Brain Development that further augment his/her concentration, focus, reasoning, reflexes, positive attitude and bring about All-round personality development…

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Parents/ Students
School Heads / Administrators

One of the biggest factors to start something afresh is “WIIFM”. “WIIFM” is simply an acronym for ‘What’s in it for me? Whenever we look at something that is plausibly beneficial, the trait that is looked at most precariously is ‘Purpose’ and its correlation with primary objective. The whole world is full of so many good things and not all can be subscribed to…

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